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Greetings and bienvenue, all.

Welcome to the first installment in a new project that I’ve decided to collectively dub Telly Talk Today.

These segments are going to serve as my personal reviews of episodic television series that I have watched, in the same way that my currently running About a Book and Reel in Review segments include my book reviews and film reviews.

Those of you who’ve followed my blog since the start won’t be surprised by this new project. I made clear in my inaugural post that this blog will cover a rather wide topic range. For those of you who are new to this blog, my name is Fred Tippett, II; and I’m an author of Young Adult and Adult fiction novels. My recently released YA Mystery novels, The Women in White and The Lethal List, are well-reviewed titles available on Amazon.

While I’m introducing this subset of my main blog, I might as well make clear that the TV programs that I cover in these Telly Talk Today segments won’t necessarily be of any one type. I watch and enjoy TV shows of all sorts, and Telly Talk Today will accordingly comprise a melting pot of reviews for TV programs of all shapes and sizes—be they network, cable, streaming, or otherwise. The uniting factor is that they’ll all be programs that I’ve seen and want to discuss or review or just criticize for whatever reason.

I won’t necessarily be reviewing the newest TV shows or the most anticipated or the most critically acclaimed. Some of the titles that I review may be months to years old, while some will be newer. Some will be commercially popular, while some will be more obscure.

My reviews will drop on an episode-by-episode basis and will contain mild to medium spoilers. Each will consist of a brief summary of the episode, my review, and my brass-tacks rating ranging from one to five cronuts—a dessert which I love, despite having never had the pleasure of enjoying one. 😋😋😋

As with the installments of my general blog, my About a Book segments, and my Reel in Review segments, I’m not planning any specific timetable for my Telly Talk Today entries. So they won’t be dropping on any preplanned schedule. I will, however, update my Twitter and IG accounts each time that I drop a new review, so my followers there will know. I’ll also be updating as many as have subscribed to my mailing list by email.

Which brings me to today’s penultimate point. IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND HAVEN’T ALREADY, YOU’D BETTER SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAILING LIST RIGHT FRIGGIN’ NOW! I’ll even make it easy for you: just click HERE to get started. And I’ll sweeten the deal too. When you subscribe, you’ll get a FREE copy of my debut Young Adult Mystery novel, The Women in White.

With that in mind, my first official Telly Talk Today review will be dropping—God willing—tomorrow, the 18th of August. I’m planning to launch the Telly Talk Today project officially by reviewing the first episode of the Disney Plus show She Hulk: Attorney at Law.

And I’m hoping to drop a new review weekly until the show’s finale on the 13th of October. (In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll shamelessly admit that I’m mostly planning on watching this show for the return of Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock—a character whom I’ve been missing since the cancellation of his masterful show Daredevil back in 2018.)

At any rate, I’ll see you all back here hopefully tomorrow. God bless, and stay safe.


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