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Greetings and bienvenu, all.

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful, safe summer and that the fall has been treating you well.

I have REALLY big, exciting news to share with you all; but first things first.

I understand that it’s been a minute since my last post here—and by a minute, I mean about six months. I wasn’t exactly planning for such a long delay between posts, but I do believe that I was forthcoming in my previous post with my little disclaimer that uncertainty was more than likely going to be the watchword regarding installments of this little blog of mine.

In that post, I predicted that this uncertainty would largely come as a result of just how busy I anticipated being as I moved forward with my various life pursuits. Well, that prediction came true in quite a huge way. These past six months, I’ve gone through losing a close family member, making a serious job transition, as well as performing heavy writing and editing on various authorship projects that I’ll hopefully be releasing in the not-so-distant future.

That last point brings me to that aforementioned “REALLY big, exciting news.”


This novel is going to be called The Lethal List, and it will—like Women in White—be a Young Adult Mystery novel and the first in a series. Also like Women in White, it will release exclusively on Amazon, as I will publish it using Kindle Direct Publishing services. Unlike Women in White, though, Lethal List will be set in California, in Santa Barbara. It will also feature a female protagonist named Katelyn Elms, as opposed to Women in White’s Greg Chase.

I’ll be updating this website with more details regarding The Lethal List in the next few days. I’ll also definitely be making another post here and sending out an email blast when the book is officially released.

In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear feedback from as many of you as have read The Women in White! What did you think? What did you love? What did you hate? What would you most like to see in upcoming sequels? Sound off in the comments section below.

Until next time, God Bless—and stay safe!


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