The Women in



Would You Date a Murder Suspect?


Greg Chase is a sixteen-year-old boy whose heightened deductive powers serve him well in his job as the New York Police Department’s youngest ever civilian consultant.


Forced to leave his job after his actions lead to the death of a suspect, Greg returns to school and finds himself quickly drawn to the new girl, Mel Locket. Greg and Mel quickly make a connection—and build a relationship—only for Greg to learn that her withdrawn and mysterious exterior hides a dark secret. She might have murdered her former classmate and best friend.


Greg believes her innocent and takes it upon himself to prove it, but he’s in a minority. The police, her therapist, and even her mother think she’s violent and unstable, capable at least of murder. They’re all right, of course. But did she really kill her old friend?

looked into Mel ’s eyes when she told me she didn’t kill that girl. And I believe her. And if you’ll give me some time and your trust, I think that I can prove her innocence as well…
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